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  • "I can write all day long and it still won’t be enough to praise how dedicated and fair this attorney is."

  • "Excellent response time, very knowledgeable and someone who will fight for you. I am so thankful I chose him!"

  • "Long story short - I won my case and I contribute that to Attorney Rakhalin's research and preparation. I’d recommend him to anyone!"

  • "Mr. Rakhlin is a Great Lawyer who helped me get past some legal issues very easily!"

  • "Irvin understands that people make mistakes and he’ll find the most manageable way to get you through this."

  • "After our first meeting most of my stress went away and I had my first night of sleep in almost a month."

  • "I would definitely make Irvin Rakhalin my first and only choice if I ever needed a lawyer again."

  • "His advice and knowledge of the legal system was phenomenal. I would use his services in a heartbeat."

  • "What stood out most to me was how “human” his is. He had an ability to see deep into my conflict and offer advice that was beyond legal."

  • "After only 2 court dates, Mr. Rakhlin’s skillful speech and reasoning convinced the judge that enough was enough and that I’ve paid my debt and was fair to be set free."

  • "He’s straight forward, honest, and very attentive when you speak with him."

  • "From the moment we stepped inside the court the day of the hearing I could tell he was prepared to put up a good defense on my behalf."

  • "He will not settle easily unless he gets the best possible deal. He managed to dismiss my case prior to arraignment with NO criminal record."

  • "Rakhlin was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of my case and kept me informed not only of the process but also the reasoning behind his strategy."

  • "I felt like I had an attorney that was looking out for my best interests right from the start."

  • "Dismissal PRIOR to Arraignment!"

  • "He takes a personal stake in his clients’ success. If you are looking for an attorney that is not only knowledgeable but also takes pride in his client’s positive results, than look no further."

  • "Attorney Rakhlin gets the job done!"

  • "In the end, I received the best judgement possible: Case Dismissed. It could not have gone better."

  • "Irv was always prepared from a tactical and strategic standpoint."

  • "He kept his client in the know on what is going on and what to expect next."

  • "A great lawyer who deserves a 12 on a 10-point scale."